WOD for Saturday, Nov 28, 2015

Ring skills

Practice MU/ring skills for 20 min:

  • If you can’t do 8 strict pull-ups: 10 minutes to do 5 x 5 strict pull-up or inverted barbell row (no band-assisted pull-ups). Then, practice 10 minutes ring support hold (the top position of a dip)
  • If you can do 8 strict pull-ups: MU practice.
  • If you master MU also when tired: practice strict MU for 10 min. Then, 5 rounds 2-5 MU every 2 minutes. Try to do one MU more per round than 31.10.

Skin the cats, wall climbs, pistols and DUs

For 15min

  • 1 skin the cat or muscle-up
  • 2 wall climb
  • 3 + 3 pistol squats
  • 30 DUs

This is not an amrap. Keep your pace conversational.

WOD for Tuesday, Nov 24, 2015

Kipping practice

Practice kipping for 15 min:

  • Can't do a strict pull-up? Focus on T2B/K2E kipping. Practice active hang for a few minutes. Then move to kipping (hollow/arch). If you can do kipping with controlled movement, start raising you feet higher and higher. Don't try to instantly get the full range of motion, find the rhythm first. If your hands get tired from hanging, you can do a few sets of 10 of challenging ring rows.
  • If you can do strict pull-ups, but kipping needs practice: Active hang -> hollow/arch kipping -> kipping pull-up – spend 5-10 minutes and then train T2B/K2E
  • If you can do kipping and strict pull-ups: practice bar muscle-up or do 5x max reps of bar MUs

Pull-ups, burpees, box jumps and knees to elbows

For 10 min

  • first minute do one pull up + one burpee
  • second minute 2 + 2
  • third minute 3 + 3…

Rest 5 minutes

For 10 minutes

  • first minute one box jump + one k2e
  • second minute 2 + 2
  • third minute 3 + 3…