Keskiviikko 30.4: Imperiumin Vappurieha. HUOM: Aikataulut Vapun tienoilla

Vappuaattona sali auki aamulla normaalisti, ja illalla WODit klo 16 ja klo 17.

Vappupäivänä Open Gym klo 17-19.


Floor press or bench press

  • find your 1 rep max of the day
  • max reps @ bodyweight
  • max reps @ 0,5 x bodyweight


“Arnold’s Special”

Bicep curls with a barbell:

  • 7 reps first 50% of the range of motion
  • 7 reps second 50% of the range of motion
  • 7 reps of full range of motion

Don’t put the bar down between these reps. You can add weight if you feel like it.

Describe the pump in the comments.


Tabata of your choice.


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