WOD for Thursday, Nov 09, 2017

HSPU practice

For 20min handstand push up practice

Handstand push-ups, pistols and rope climbs

15min AMRAP:

  • 3-5 hspu
  • 8-12 alternating pistol squat
  • 1-2 rope climb


20-15-10 For minimal rest and quality:
Power Snatch @ 35/30kg
Hang Power Clean @ 35/30kg
Shoulder to Overhead @ 35/30kg

-Light barbell cycling to teach you how to move smooth, breath while doing it and when and how to split your sets. 75-80% effort, think this more as quality workout than grinder. (Scale to 40-45% of max power snatch

8min EMOM:
Odd: 12-25 Superman Rocks
Even: 12-25 Hollow Rocks

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